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About us Company introduction

+ULTRA Legal LLC is a Czech-Slovak law firm providing comprehensive law advisory, in particular on commercial law and civil law, financial law, administrative law, constitutional law, EC law, due diligence, M&A, litigation and the administration of claims, including law support in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our law firm was established as a limited liability company in Prague in 2014 and is built on the long term tradition of knowledge and know-how, as well as on the specialised expertise of its founding partners, who have been practicing law in Czech Republic and in Slovak Republic since 2005.

With branch offices in Brno, CZ (opened in 2014) and in Bratislava, SK (opened in 2015) the law firm offers comprehensive legal and accounting advisory, together with foreign lawyers and tax advisers, throughout Europe, Africa, USA and countries in The Middle East.

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Three main principles which our law firm follows.


+ULTRA Legal LLC is a modern dynamically growing Czech -Slovak law firm with an international reach providing complex law advisory services, specialising primarily in these areas of law:

Commercial law

we provide complex legal services connected with the corporate agenda of business entities (establishment, changes, consolidation, merger of companies, liquidation of companies, virtual registration of registered seat for companies), fusions, mergers and acquisitions, investment advice, agreement processing and negotiation, due diligence

Law of securities

we provide complex legal services connected with securities (shares, bank exchanges, bonds), the registration of the transfer of securities within the central depository of bank securities, advisory of emitting of bonds and stocks

Civil rights

we provide complex legal services connected with land law, drafting of agreements and contracts, analysis of agreements and contracts, legal representation in the inheritance cases, legal advisory in the area of restitutions and litigation agenda

Intellectual property law

we provide complex legal services connected with copyrights, license agreements, the registration of trademarks, patent law, and know-how

Tax and financial law

we provide complex legal services in this field, and with assistance of external tax experts and auditors we are able to provide high - level tax and auditing services in the areas of tax discussions before state institutions, and in the areas of tax structured transactions

Insolvency and bankruptcy law

we provide complex legal services connected with the exercising of rights in cases of insolvency and bankruptcy, client claim registrations and their subsequent administration throughout the duration of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, complex legal and business advisory and support in the implementation of restructuring processes, and the legal support and risk management of companies

Administrative law

we provide complex legal services and legal representation of clients in administrative cases before administrative institutions and other public institutions, inclusive of drafting of appeals and other procedural acts, as well as legal advisory in the area of public procurement

Constitutional law

we provide complex legal services concerning protection of basic rights and freedoms of our clients in proceedings before the Constitutional court and the European court for human rights, inclusive of drafting of appeals and other procedural acts

Community law of the European Union

we provide complex legal services concerning the protection of the rights of clients resulting from directly applicable regulations of European Union, the representation of clients before regulatory institutions of European Union, inclusive of drafting of appeals and other procedural acts

Arbitrary and confrontational agenda

we provide complex legal services and legal representation of clients in order to protect and enforce their respective rights and lawful interests before courts, legal advisory services concerning judicial as well as extra judicial enforcement of claims, advisory and representation in execution proceedings, legal representation concerning establishment of lien, representation in arbitration proceedings and international arbitrations

Family law

we provide legal services concerning the community property of spouses/BSM, including widening and narrowing of the extent of BSM as well as BSM settlement after the end of marriage, the representation of minors in court proceedings (approval of property transfer)

Criminal law

we provide legal services and representation of clients in criminal cases concerning property and economic crimes, representation of clients as an aggrieved party in criminal proceedings, inclusive of drafting of appeals, complaints and other procedural acts


The law firm +ULTRA Legal has a professional team of renowned lawyers registered with the Czech Bar Association and the Slovak Bar Association. In order to provide our clients with the highest standard of legal and business advice we cooperate with external tax consultants, auditors, experts and translators.

We practice law in the Czech Republic (Prague and Brno) and in Slovakia (Bratislava). Each team member specialises in specific area of law that allows us to create, together with our external advisers, a team with right mix of skills, experience and commercial insight capable to meet all client´s needs.


+ Our lawyers regularly undergo and participate in educational and training programs and specialized seminars, events, as well as language courses.

+ We offer all the major practice area disciplines in Czech, Slovak, German and English language and work with clients of every size and type, from small entrepreneurs and private individuals to global organizations, government and non-profit organizations.

+ Pursuant to the Act on Advocacy +ULTRA Legal, LLC is insured with insurance cover on amount of 50,000,000 Czech crowns per partner.

We constantly look for the most suitable solutions and don’t rely on traditional and conventional methods and limitations. We seek out sophisticated solutions which best fit the needs and goals of our clients and ensure the protection of rights and the legitimate interests of our clients.